Reasons I'm grateful to be in Phoenix

As we head into yet another year, I'm reminded about what's good about the Valley we live in and what I am thankful for.

I’m grateful that Phoenix is such a young city. Compared to other major metro regions across the country, Phoenix is still in its adolescence. Like most teenagers, we can act a little immature from time to time. And like teens, we often suffer from a lack of self-confidence, are over-concerned about our image and constantly questioning whether others find us desirable.

But as we grow up we get a chance like few other big cities to create a modern economy that can be a model of excellence, one that will become a desired destination for all. Signs of that foundation are all around us: Arizona State’s rise as a premiere research institute; a community college system among the best in the nation; and the birth of charter schools all mixed with an entrepreneurial business climate and spirit that is second to none.

As those forces come together, we’ll have the core tools we need to build great things.

We may go through growing pains from time to time, but I’m grateful to be living in a city that is young, energetic, optimistic and still in control of its own destiny.

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