Spare me just a few words

Did you know we now have nearly 1 million words at our disposal to digest and spit back as we see fit?

That is truly a frightening thing. We do not need more opportunities to befuddle one another.

We keep creating new words and they keep getting accepted. Like locavore and tapafication. Don’t know them yet? Good.

More is not always better. Give me the following 20 words and I’ll let you have the other 999,980: attention, customer, down, mistake, here, good, just, job, my, you, sorry, slow, now, pay, thank, I’m, relations, not, sign, listen.

That’s all I need to grow my relationships and my business by using them in the following 10 lean and fit combinations.

My mistake: A leader’s No. 1 trust-building tool.

Slow down: Try it once in a while and you’ll get faster at the things that really count.

Thank you: Absolutely impossible to overuse.

Good job: See thank you, and remember to feel silly for not saying either enough.

Not now: Better to give someone your full attention later than half your attention now.

Sign here: Nothing beats the successful close of a deal, be you buyer or seller.

Just listen: And quit trying to think about what you’re going to say as soon as there’s a pause in the conversation.

Customer relations: Stressed in every text book but too often ignored in the heat of the business battle. Amazing how many business people seem to do everything they can to avoid the dreaded C-word.

Pay attention: See “just listen” and “slow down” to really make this one work.

I’m sorry: Use it liberally to build credibility. Example: I’m sorry for using a contraction in my list of 20 words.

We don’t need a million words. We just need to remember to use a few of the right ones more often.

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